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YouGlass Just Met Its Match


Introducing The Perfect Puff by Tokeware, the smooth hitting, easy to use medical grade water pipe that comes with an unheard of Lifetime Guarantee.





100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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The Perfect Puff

Unbreakable Water Pipe

Storage Case

Includes 2 pokers, Water Container, Jar, Lighter Pocket, Storage


The Perfect Puff is a state of the art water pipe engineered to generate cool, dense smoke using an ergonomic, tip-resistant, and artistic design. Made from durable, medical grade materials, it will never shatter or break. Simple lines hide a dual chamber filtering system that keeps ash and resin contained in the aluminum front chamber, leaving the water chamber clean and clear. Our carefully selected materials impart no additional flavor; what you smoke is what you taste.


We think this is the best bong in the world, try it out with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!


Gone are the days when glass was the only option for a great smoking experience. The Perfect Puff not only beats glass in performance, taste, and ease of use, but its durability means it won't suffer the same fate as so many glass pieces before.

This bong will not break. Ever. You can run it over with a car and it will survive (we tried it). The rear chamber is made of thick, crystal clear polycarbonate, the front nose made of solid aluminum.  A protected glass bowl takes on the direct flame, while the smoke travels through a ceramic ash catcher hidden inside the front nose, then is funneled into a stainless steel cooling channel. Finally it passes through a diffuser as it plunges into the cool water and slowly fills the rear chamber.

Sound hard to clean? Hardly. A flip of the wrist splits the two halves apart, allowing access to the easy to remove ash catcher. It can be fully disassembled with no tools in about 30 seconds​.

Creating a non-hazardous product is our top priority. All surfaces that come in direct contact with smoke have been tested and evaluated to be able to withstand the temperatures and combustible matter inherent with combustion of organic material.* The Perfect Puff is built nearly entirely out of materials that are recyclable, yet virtually indestructible.

*Caution: Smoking may be hazardous to your health. Inhalation of any type of smoke has inherent risks and can never be considered safe.

Tokeware is stating that due diligence measures and testing have been performed to minimize any additional risks.




Tokeware is located in Everett, WA, USA. 

We started in Everett in 2017 with the inspiration to create the ultimate water pipe. Using engineering backgrounds in materials science and industrial design, we set out to create an efficient, attractive, and functional alternative that retained the nostalgia and clean taste of traditional glassware without the fragility or impracticality. Something unique and stylish, but engineered to provide nearly perfect performance.

After 2 years of development, The Perfect Puff was born.


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