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We’re Tokeware

A new journey begins

About Us

Tokeware was established in 2021 with one mission: to improve the smoking experience. We set out to create a personal smoking device that delivers cool, clean, and smooth smoke with no ashy taste. One that is easy to use, fun to look at, and impossible to break. No batteries, no cords. What you smoke is what you get.


After dozens of prototypes and hundreds of hours of testing, the Perfect Puff was born. Combining premium materials, aerospace engineering, and a modern yet functional design, the Perfect Puff bubbler is in a league of its own.

We pride ourselves on offering a superior product and stand by everything we sell.

Perfect Puff - Black
Lying in Green Field

Take a Closer Look

Our Priority

Creating a non-hazardous product is our top priority. All surfaces that come in direct contact with smoke have been tested and evaluated to be able to safely withstand the temperatures and combustible matter inherent with combustion of organic material.* Perfect Puff is made from high quality, medical grade materials from some of the top material suppliers in the world. It is built nearly entirely out of materials that are recyclable, yet indestructible. 

*Caution: Smoking may be hazardous to your health. Inhalation of any type of smoke has inherent risks and can never be considered safe. Tokeware is stating that due diligence measures and testing have been performed to minimize any additional risks.

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