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The Unbreakable, Medical Grade Water Pipe for MMJ

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Perfect Puff


A New Way to Smoke

Clean and Pure Every Time

7 Reasons Why Perfect Puff beats Glass

Clean Taste

Perfect Puff separates the ash from the water, resulting in water that stays clean far longer than the average bong or water pipe.

Save Money

 Airtight seals, cyclone smoke chamber and a micro-diffuser ensure a slow, efficient fill. You'll be shocked how little flower is needed for a perfect rip.

Easy to Clean

When it finally comes time to clean, a swish of iso alcohol (included) and disposal of ash from the removable ash catcher and your Perfect Puff will look like new in minutes.


Drop it, kick it, knock it over, run it over, it doesn't matter! Perfect Puff will withstand any abuse and keep on toking.

Dosage Control

Thumb-release carb and clear smoke chamber give instant control over the smoke; no fumbling to remove the bowl while the smoke becomes stale.


Comfortable to hold and easy to use, the angled design keeps the flame away from your face and the removable silicone mouthpiece is shaped to match the human mouth (hint - it's not a circle!).

Tip Resistant

Glass pieces have to be circular and are naturally prone to tipping over, but Perfect Puff's flat, stable base and low center of gravity keep it standing when other pieces fall.

Camping in Mountains

Built in the Pacific Northwest

Free Storage Case!

Includes 2 pokers, Water Container, Stash Jar, Lighter Pocket

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

The dreaded coffee table bump leading to broken glass, spilled water, ruined carpets...and the smell. Why do we put up with this?

Perfect Puff is built using a stable base and indestructible,  medical grade materials proven to withstand any abuse. You can even run over it with a car and it will survive (we tried it).

Glass has had a stranglehold on the flower industry for decades, but modern materials and engineering have finally caught up and exposed the limitations of glass.


Perfect Puff is a one-of-a-kind water pipe engineered to generate cool, dense smoke using an ergonomic, tip-resistant, and artistic design. Made from durable, medical grade materials, it will never shatter or break. Simple lines hide a dual chamber filtering system that keeps ash and resin contained in the aluminum front chamber, leaving the water chamber clean and clear. Our carefully selected materials impart no additional flavor; what you smoke is what you taste.


We think it's the best smoking device in the world, try it out with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Creating a non-hazardous product is our top priority. All surfaces that come in direct contact with smoke have been tested and evaluated to be able to withstand the temperatures and combustible matter inherent with combustion of organic material.* The Perfect Puff is built nearly entirely out of materials that are recyclable, yet virtually indestructible.

*Caution: Smoking may be hazardous to your health. Inhalation of any type of smoke has inherent risks and can never be considered safe. Tokeware is stating that due diligence measures and testing have been performed to minimize any additional risks.

Our Priority



Tokeware is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. 

We started this company in 2018 because we were tired of the same old fragile glass pieces that are inefficient, a pain to use, and get so dirty that they taste terrible yet can't really be cleaned.


In our quest to find a suitable smoking device, we found that there weren't really any better options out there. So we decided to create one. By bringing together a group of engineers who also know the frustrations and limitations of current smoking devices, we created a device that solves many of the problems of the current 'gold standard' glass pieces.

While the rest of the industry focuses on modern technology and materials for vaporizors, wax, and oils, those of us who enjoy flower both medicinally and recreationally have been stuck with the same old devices from the 70s. Tokeware is changing that, and it only takes one rip of the Perfect Puff to see how.

We're a small company in the Seattle area and all products are assembled in our Seattle location. We're building this company around a great customer experience and are committed to providing a high quality product and will always stand behind it.

Lonny Johnson



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