Is it a vaporizor?

No, The Perfect Puff is a traditional bubbler that uses a lighter to provide combustion based smoke. In other words, it's a bong.

How difficult is it to clean?

It cleans very easily. It can be fully disassembled and all surfaces are compatible with 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (16oz bottle included with purchase). A swirl with alcohol for 30 seconds will make the water chamber look like new again, and the inner filter can be easily removed for cleaning by pulling the two halves of it apart. Even the bottom cover can be removed to get to those hard to reach places, although that usually isn't necessary.

What is the return policy?

Returns are accepted for any reason, and we'll pay the return shipping. The quality and performance of The Perfect Puff water pipe can only be fully appreciated once you're able to see and touch it in person. We are happy to let you get your hands on it for no risk whatsover to decide whether you think it is for you. We are proud to stand behind The Perfect Puff with a Lifetime Guarantee. If anything ever breaks (other than the glass bowl), we will replace it free of charge. If for any reason it leaks or there is any other issue, we will replace it.

Can it be modified for use with oil or wax?

An adapter to convert to a dabbing rig are in the works. It will be compatible with the current Perfect Puff design and will simply replace the glass bowl with a nail. It is expected to be available in mid 2020.

Is it really unbreakable?

Yes! We've driven cars over it and can't get it to break! It is made entirely of unbreakable materials with exception of the glass bowl. Since glass is the best material for safely handling a direct flame, that could not be compromised. However the design protects the bowl (it survived the run-over-with-car tests), and it is available for replacement or any standard 9mm stem will work. If somehow your are able to break any other component, we will replace it free of charge. We guarantee that for life!

How does the carb work? Does the bowl have to be removed to clear the chamber?

There is a thumb-release carb that clears the chamber, so there is no need to remove the bowl. It stays in place even if Perfect Puff is fipped upside-down, but it can be removed easily by hand for cleaning or clearing the bowl. A big advantage of this setup is the ability to easily meter smoking. Instead of fumbling to remove (and hold) the bowl to clear the chamber, it can done instantly and in complete control.
It's remarkable how much easier and more effective, especially with the carb in such a comfortable location. The carb pulls in outside air and flows it back thru the water, unlike cheap thumb-release pieces that pulled in air partway up the chamber.

How well does it seal?

A good seal is everything. All seals are made of 100% silicone and can withstand any temperature or conditions without fail. We have never had a failed seal on any unit ever. The ability to fully disassemble it for cleaning is a major advantage, but it only works when you have great seals.

How does the water stay so clear after so many uses?

The internal filter contains all the resin and debris in the dry front chamber, while the diffuser provides a secondary filter that breaks down the smoke into tiny bubbles for improved cooling. Unlike traditional bongs where the ash flows directly into the water chamber (immediately getting it dirty and smelly) The Perfect Puff's dry pre-filter allows the water to stay clean and clear.

How tall is it? What are the dimensions?

It is 9.25" tall, 5.25" long, and 3.25" wide. It has a solid, comfortable feel in the hand. We avoided an overly large design since it is so efficient in producing smoke.

Are custom colors available?

Yes, we can powder coat with a custom color for an additional charge. Email us at info@tokeware.com and we'll work with you to find the color you're looking for.