The Difference is in the Details

easy access

  • Splits in half with a flick of the wrists

  • Magnets hold front and rear halves securely in place during use

  • Can be fully disassembled with no tools

  • All surfaces compatible with isopropyl alcohol for cleaning (16 oz bottle included with purchase)

  • Interior surfaces have low friction coatings for easy cleaning of hard to remove residue

clean and clear

  • Cast aluminum ash catcher with flame resistant ceramic coating typically reserved for high end cookware. Does not contain PTFE

  • Low surface friction makes cleaning a breeze, even with extremely sticky residue

  • Secondary diffuser breaks down smoke into small bubbles for improved coolingS

  • Keeps water clean for much longer since ash and resin can't get into the water chamber

  • When full, split open and dispense of debris

comfort is king


  • Soft-feel silicone mouthpiece

  • Removable for easy cleaning and sterilization

  • Simple press-on seal

  • Tear resistant

Polycarbonate body

  • Virtually unbreakable medical-grade polycarbonate
  • .200" thick for solid glass-like feel
  • Easy cleaning with soap and water or isopropyl alcohol (included)
  • Scratch and impact resistant

take it anywhere

  • Purchase includes Hard Shell Nylon Case

  • Holds Perfect Puff Water Pipe, Water Container, Plastic Jar, Two Pokers, and a Lighter (not included)

  • Upper zipper pocket for additional storage

  • Carrying handle

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